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insect screen

Motorized Insect Screens

How Retractable Insect Screens Work

Sun & Insect Control

Sealed with SHY Zip® zipper technology to keep out mosquitoes. The Oasis 2900 system, manufactured by Insolroll, seals all four sides of the screen when lowered, providing on-demand insect protection. Retractable Insect Screens can be fully retracting when you don’t want a screen. They can be completely up, completely down, or at any point in between - all at the press of a button. When bugs are not a problem, enjoy the open air, but when dusk falls and mosquitoes come out, put your shades down.  Be comfortable, with a full view of your outdoor surroundings AND without being bothered by bugs! These shades also provide a level of UV protection and relief from the heat of then sun.