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Fall Promotion

Free Cordless Lift


Take advantage of Graber’s free cordless lift promotion now extended through December 31st 2019.

This can provide substantial savings regardless of the size of your project.

Enjoy the ease of use and clean lines that the cordless lift can provide. Call us today to set up your free consultation.

Fall Promotion : Free Cordless Lift


Cordless shades provide you with ease of use and a more modern look. Do away with the cords and enjoy the clean lines and simplicity of cordless shades. This is a great option for vacation rentals and private homes alike. Protect your kiddos and fur babies by taking advantage of this promotion while it lasts. 

Summertime Promotion

Want privacy below while maintaining a view up top? This style could be just what you are looking for. Pleated shades are a great, economical choice for our tropical climate and this free control promotion really offers some big savings. Take advantage while it lasts. 

Want privacy below while maintaining a view up top? This style could be just what you are looking for. Pleated shades are a great, economical choice for our tropical climate and this free control promotion really offers some big savings. Take advantage while it lasts. 


Free Cordless Control Upgrade


Cordless controls help to keep your shades looking modern and uncluttered. With advanced, quality hardware, there is no need to have corded controls hanging tangled to the side of your new shade. Matching toggles hang from the bottom center of the shade to make operating the blind a breeze. Take advantage of this big money saving promotion.

Temporarily available with select Graber products.

Motorized Solar Shades

Keeping It Cool

Motorized solar shades are a popular and practical choice for interior and exterior shades. Protect your furniture and wood floors from the sun with the press of a bottom. Not only will solar shades help to protect your home or place of business from the sun's rays, it will also keep your space noticeably cooler.

Motorized Lanai Shades

Motorized Lanai Shades

Motorized exterior shades allow an open space like this to maintain an uncluttered feel while offering the option of privacy. Choose the degree of privacy/protection that suits your needs and motorized solar shades can make your lanai experience a more comfortable one- all at the touch of a button! 

Free Cordless Control Promotion

Cordless Lift & Lower

March 1st - May 31st 2017

Say goodbye to messy, fraying cords & hello to an era of uncluttered design. The cordless option has never been more feasible than it is right now. Operation requires little thought and offers ease of use. The lack of dangling cords is an added safety feature for children and our furry friends.

Mezzanine Layerd Shades

Latest in Window Trends & Fashions

We can't say enough about how much we love this new style of treatment by Graber. It is perfect for your luxury Kauai home or vacation rental. Easy to operate with roller or motorized controls, these dual layered shades are comprised of synthetic materials, helping to keep your investment mold and mildew free in our tropical climate. Unlike the silhouette shades, there are no compartments for unsightly dirt and debris to take hold. Simply press a button or pull on the control to align the solid bands for the ideal, light filtering privacy. These shades have it all.

Kauai Curtain Panels

Custom Drapery Panels

This is a spacious luxury island vacation rental. We love the use of copious amounts of custom drapery panels. It adds whimsy and an air of decadence. These curtains hang from large, custom poles and decorative rings. Decorative rings are more "form over function"- especially for rentals. We suggest traverse rods or motorized controls for ease of use.

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Kauai Window Coverings

Sheer, Layered Drapery

This is a beautiful luxury home and island vacation rental. We love the custom sheer drapery in a rich, dark color. A benefit of choosing a darker colored fabric is it will better conceal any signs of inevitable mildew damage. Mount these on motorized tracks and operate them with the simple touch of a button. The valences are modern and compliment the contemporary interior decor. The tiered chandelier enhances the height of the vaulted ceiling. This space is ideal for entertaining with friends and family while enjoying the ocean view.

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Kauai Vacation Rentals

Vacation Rental Treatments : Drapery

This is a great example of the ideal decor and design for an island vacation rental. Clean and uncluttered use of space with all of the necessities of home. Custom Drapery is the most ideal solution for rentals. They are easy to operate, especially when mounted on a traverse rod. Add motorized controls and your guests will feel like they are getting the royal treatment.
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Motorized Curtains : Kauai

Motorized Drapery

We love this space. The beautiful, two-toned, geometric flower mural is simple and dominating, without feeling overbearing. Motorized drapery provides an ease of use for the home owner and renters alike. The classic pinch pleat style and wooden valence compliment the decor perfectly. The room's interior design has a contemporary, beach house appeal. Overall, the space is simple and luxurious.
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Kauai : Fabric Blinds

Fabric Shades

This simple Roman Shade keeps the look sleek and modern with an inside mount and cordless control. We love the cast iron tub and large wall mirror. The disco ball adds a bit of flare to an otherwise minimal decor. This light fabric choice allows a degree of light to filter throughout the day while ensuring privacy at night.

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Kauai Window Coverings

Fabric Roman Shades

16 - 1.jpg

Roman Shades are an ideal treatment for bay windows. Mount inside the window frame for a sleek and uncluttered look. This also enhances the beautiful wood trim. Choosing a sheer fabric or light filtering material allows for light to illuminate the space while maintaining a degree of privacy. Cordless controls promote and ease of use and safety for any small children or pets in the room.

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Kauai Roman Blinds

Custom Roman Shades

Classic Roman Shades in earth toned colors bring an element of nature's beauty into your living space. Choose a lighter colored fabric to illuminate a wall of windows during the day. Cordless controls add a refined look and safety measures for your children & pets.

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Cafe Shutters Kauai

Cafe Shutters

Cafe Shutters made of composite materials are an ideal choice for window treatments in a moist environment, such as a washroom or bath. These shutters are also practical for arched window frames, where one may require a degree of privacy but still desire a full spectrum of light to shine through. Cafe shutters are measured to the desired height and may be opened to either side. The composite material is resistant to mold, mildew, rust, warping, and are easy to clean with a simple wipe down. Invest in a classic, functional treatment that will last.

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Kauai Custom Blinds

Fabric Blinds

Fabric Blinds are an elegant treatment for any space. Cordless and Motorized controls are ideal for ease of use in homes & vacation rentals. Choosing a darker shade of fabric will help to provide a higher level of privacy & prolong the integrity of the shade's life in Kauai's humid, tropical climate. This style of treatment offers a level of light filtration, even when closed.

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