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Kauai's Roller Shades

The Beautiful Simplicity of Roller Shades

Simply put - Roller Shades are awesome. They are an ideal treatment for Kauai and let me tell you why. They are nothing like the roller shades of yesteryear that would go slamming up to the top when released.  In these modern times, the cordless roller shade may be released and it will slowly rise up to the top, or be adjusted to whatever height you desire. Motorization is also can even use rechargeable batteries that only need to be rotated every 2 years, under normal use. Motorization is ideal for those hard to reach windows and in commercial applications. There are a wide variety of materials that can be used in this practical application. Many mold and mildew resistant materials look as if they are made of natural fibers, leaving you with a treatment that can weather the climate and fit in with the decor. This style of material can also be used in a sliding panel application for sliding doors, which allows you to coordinate with the rest of your space.