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Diversifying Your Look

Why limit yourself to one design when you can have it all?!

Layering multiple window treatments allows for an array of styles and functions.




Adding Side Panels to Roman Shade treatments can create the illusion of a larger window. By covering the open wall between the individual treatments, the panels become part of one single treatment. This can be a wonderful option for a wall with multiple windows frames.

The contrast of delicate sheers with our popular Natural Woven Wood creates an earthy, flowing feel in your space. Choosing to add full sheer drapes gives you two entirely different treatment styles, each unique and beautiful in their own way. Compliment the look with a valence or cornice box to hide the hardware or leave it bare and minimalistic like above.

When it comes to dressing up Shutters, the options are endless. Add an elegant drapery to embrace the edges of the frame. Simply line the upper border with a stylish cornice box or dynamic valence. Choose patterned side panels or full drapes to tie the room together and bring out a pop of color. The practical appeal of shutters doesn't have to remain a blank canvas- make a statement!