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Kauai's Fabric Blinds

Sorenta Fabric Blinds


Image Via: Summit Stone Design

Image Via: Summit Stone Design

Flexible and Fresh

Classic blinds have evolved into a form of expression. With beauty that belies their simplicity, Sorenta Soft Horizontal Blinds are supple, whisper-quiet, and virtually maintenance-free. Extremely lightweight, these blinds can be raised and lowered with ease. Forgiving, flexible slats bend with you, then gently bounce back into position.

Sorenta's fabric slats are also practical for Kauai's tropical weather. Moisture resistant, they are a perfect addition to high-humidity rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms.

Fully open, these horizontal blinds allow the sunshine to stream into your room. Tilted closed, they grant full privacy while bathing your space in diffused daylight.